Daniele Lucchini - Rise and fall of a capital
Following the historical documents with a scholar accuracy, the author of this booklet tells an original history of Mantua, a small town which was the capital of a tiny state and one of the most significant cultural centres in Europe during the Renaissance, and which rise and fall could be a paradigm of any human power.

A short passage from the book
« In 16th century Mantua was still hosting some of the period most important intellectuals and artists, such as for example Giulio Romano, the favourite pupil of Raphael, who left the papal court in Rome in 1524 to work on the orders of Federico II Gonzaga. Still, the city had no more than 50,000 inhabitants, and was the capital of a tiny princedom constantly pressed by regional powers, such as Milan and Venice, and continental powers, such as the Papacy, the Empire and France.
The key of Gonzagas’ success was just their diplomatic ability and a careful dynastic policy that, during the centuries, made them ally by marriage not only to the most important regional families, but even to the imperial family of Constantinople, the Palaiologos, and the House of Habsburg.
But what was life like in town, and in the court, at the time? »

Daniele Lucchini
Rise and fall of a capital
The history of Mantua in the words of them who wrote about it

ISBN: 9781291783889
first English edition 2013

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Daniele Lucchini – Rise and fall of a capital
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